Thursday, May 7, 2009

If you subscribe to the newspaper, read this...

I have subscribed to the Sunday newspaper for quite some time now. I had it set up for auto-billing to my credit card just so I wouldn't forget to renew! The last time it was due for renewal we had cancelled our credit card since someone had started using our CC # and so they sent me a bill. When I looked at it I was surprised to find they were charging me $2.23 per copy! It sells at the store for $1.50! It used to be cheaper to have the subscription. Anyway I paid it as they had still been delivering it even after it had expired and it was my error but I cancelled the auto-billing. When I asked them about the cost I was told (twice by two different employees) that the in-store price was going up to $2.25 that week. Well, 6 weeks later it was still $1.50. So when renewal came due again I called to cancel. And lo & behold they could offer me a discount!! Now I'm paying only $1.23 per issue... So, if you subscribe to a newspaper, be sure to check your bill and make sure you're getting the best value.

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