Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saynation - Survey Site that PAID!

This is my first redemption on Saynation. The surveys are usually pretty easy. If you do not qualify, you usually know within a few questions and still get some points just for trying. I redeemed points on 8/6/09 for $20 in Amazon gift cards (although there are quite a few choices of rewards) and it arrived in my email on 9/22/09. Granted, I'm not thrilled that they took the full 6 weeks to pay (they say redemptions are received within 2-6 weeks) on something that arrives via email, but at least they DID pay!

If you're interested, you can go here to join. For each person you refer you get 1200 points when they are 1. registered for 30 days, 2. Take the “Your First Survey” located on the SayNation homepage and 3. Complete at least one survey from an email invitation

I'm happy and I'll now be doing more of their surveys!

iRazoo - search engine that paid

Not too long ago a friend told me about a search engine that pays, called iRazoo. I hadn't used it much because I was doing Swagbucks is great too, but you only have limited chances per day to win random swagbucks. So, I still use it as my homepage and get my 2-3 swagbucks per day from it. However, with needing to search for GSN Trivia answers, I had been using Sadly, recently took away their rewards program so I quit using that! So, I went back to using iRazoo. In a couple of weeks time, I earned enough points for a $5 Amazon gift card. I requested in on 9/16/09 and received it via email today, 9/23/09. And, during that time I've already reached over 700 points on iRazoo again! iRazoo offers alot of different reward options - so there truly is something for everyone. The biggest key for success on this site is that after you search, you MUST click on one of the result links. When it opens up there is a little place at the top right corner where you can put in a comment and then click yes or no as to whether or not you liked the site. The comment is optional, but it does give you four points. And you get four points for clicking the yes or no buttons. So, if you do both things you get 8 points per search.

I'm very happy that they paid so quickly and I'm looking forward to many more rewards from them!

If you want to join iRazoo or Swagbucks, please email me for a referral as they only have a referral banner and I have NO idea how to put that on my blog...guess I'll be asking someone how to do that!

You can email me at

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IM Report Card paid FAST

This is another new site I joined not too long ago. It has a list of various sites/people to review for points, redeemable for paypal. They have Product Reviews (online products), People Reviews, Service Reviews, Biz-Opp Reviews, and Other Reviews (for survey sites and other "paid to" sites). If the site is still open for additional comments, you post a review that is at least 100 words and submit it. You can also grade products/services you are familiar with and rate the reviews given by other people. For each activity you get points. They also have a referral program where you earn points based on your referrals activities as well. You must have a minimum of 2000 points to cashin, and that is equal to $20.00. Well, today I reached cashout level and requested payment. In just a few short hours, payment was in my paypal account! Yay!

If you care to join, here's my link

I'm very happy so far! Hopefully they will have a steady flow of new products/services to review because they close them off fairly quickly. So, if you join, check them frequently!

PrizeLive paid AGAIN - in less than 4 hours!

Wow....I am totally loving this site! I spend maybe 5 minutes a day. In reality it's probably less because I'm always multi-tasking while doing the paid-to-clicks. But, I had cashed out on 9/6 and received payment on 9/7 to my paypal, with no paypal fees deducted. Today I cashed out for $5 at about 8:30 this morn. Left to go to work, came home at 12:30 and my funds were already in my paypal!! Wow!

For more details on how this site works, view my 9/7 post at

If you wish to join, go here:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

WinSpinWin paid!

This is a fun and easy site. It's simply After signing up you will get, if I remember correctly, 10 days with 1 free spin per day. After that you have to view offers to get spins. You don't have to provide any credit card info or anything. Many are 100% free offers. For each spin you have a chance to win money. In July I earned $20.20. I received my Visa Gift Card today, September 17, 2009. I'm very happy to say they really do pay! Looking forward to my next payment as it was $49.90! Yay! More Christmas money!

Instant Cash Sweepstakes - FAST payer

Have you joined Instant Cash Sweepstakes yet? If not, it's a fun site. Every few hours you can answer 5 fun short survey questions (multiple choice answers to choose from) and earn lottery tickets for a sweepstakes and coins for bonus prizes. In addition, you can randomly win cash. Once you are "vested" at $2 in earnings, you can cashout for paypal. Unfortunately paypal takes a fee, which really stinks, but what can you do? Anyway, the site promises to pay in 72 hours, but on the two occasions I've cashed out, I've been paid in less than 24 hours. Very impressive! And, when you refer friends, when your friends win cash, you win too! I had quit answering the questions for a while, but since they added the new bonus prizes with the coins, at least I feel like I'm working toward something guaranteed instead of just the luck of the draw.

If you want to check it out, here's the link

Monday, September 7, 2009

PrizeLive Paid FAST!

I'm very impressed! I joined the site about 2 weeks ago and didn't expect much. They have "paid to complete offers" section, and I've never been too thrilled with those as so many have pages and pages to go through, only to find out at the end that you have to accept 2 offers. I have done a few offers on this site and they did not require that. But, mainly I've done the "Paid to click" section. There are 2 separate parts to this section. Initially you have 4 websites you have to view for about 40 seconds each. Then you go to step 2 which requires that you click to go to a site, click a link from there, and wait 10 seconds. Once those are done, there is another section you can click to go to that does not require you to wait the 10 seconds. You just go to the website, click a link, close them out and submit that you've completed it. I've spent less than 5 minutes per day there, and always while I'm multitasking. One point equals $1. Yesterday I cashed out for $1.48 and today I had my money in paypal. I believe you can also request to receive a check if you do not wish to have paypal. No fees were deducted for paypal either. Yay!