Wednesday, September 23, 2009

iRazoo - search engine that paid

Not too long ago a friend told me about a search engine that pays, called iRazoo. I hadn't used it much because I was doing Swagbucks is great too, but you only have limited chances per day to win random swagbucks. So, I still use it as my homepage and get my 2-3 swagbucks per day from it. However, with needing to search for GSN Trivia answers, I had been using Sadly, recently took away their rewards program so I quit using that! So, I went back to using iRazoo. In a couple of weeks time, I earned enough points for a $5 Amazon gift card. I requested in on 9/16/09 and received it via email today, 9/23/09. And, during that time I've already reached over 700 points on iRazoo again! iRazoo offers alot of different reward options - so there truly is something for everyone. The biggest key for success on this site is that after you search, you MUST click on one of the result links. When it opens up there is a little place at the top right corner where you can put in a comment and then click yes or no as to whether or not you liked the site. The comment is optional, but it does give you four points. And you get four points for clicking the yes or no buttons. So, if you do both things you get 8 points per search.

I'm very happy that they paid so quickly and I'm looking forward to many more rewards from them!

If you want to join iRazoo or Swagbucks, please email me for a referral as they only have a referral banner and I have NO idea how to put that on my blog...guess I'll be asking someone how to do that!

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Philip said...

Members no longer get any points for commenting or rating a site, unfortunately.

You can get 10 points a day "playing" a game 10 times daily.

If you see what search terms members have posted on the iRazoo facebook page, then that can shorten the time taken to get a search win yourself.

Seems as if you need to leave 2 hours between searchg wins according to member's comments.

Rumours are that iRazoo may finally take us Brits seriously and add the UK version of Amazon vouchers. At present we can only get the $5 amazon voucher, NOTHING ELSE AT ALL, from the Rewards section. said...

Irazoo is one of the sites where i would like to earn by searching. Members can also earn more points by taking offers and tasks. I have redeemed for several times.