Monday, September 7, 2009

PrizeLive Paid FAST!

I'm very impressed! I joined the site about 2 weeks ago and didn't expect much. They have "paid to complete offers" section, and I've never been too thrilled with those as so many have pages and pages to go through, only to find out at the end that you have to accept 2 offers. I have done a few offers on this site and they did not require that. But, mainly I've done the "Paid to click" section. There are 2 separate parts to this section. Initially you have 4 websites you have to view for about 40 seconds each. Then you go to step 2 which requires that you click to go to a site, click a link from there, and wait 10 seconds. Once those are done, there is another section you can click to go to that does not require you to wait the 10 seconds. You just go to the website, click a link, close them out and submit that you've completed it. I've spent less than 5 minutes per day there, and always while I'm multitasking. One point equals $1. Yesterday I cashed out for $1.48 and today I had my money in paypal. I believe you can also request to receive a check if you do not wish to have paypal. No fees were deducted for paypal either. Yay!

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