Saturday, July 4, 2009

How to earn on

I recently found out about this site by Game Show Network. I don't get the TV channel, but I found out that you can earn points for prizes just by answering trivia questions each day. Since June 2009, my husband and I have earned AND received over $250 in gift cards (updated 9/21/09). You can have 2 accounts per household, one per person.

Anyway, once you sign up, you'll want to answer the "Oodles Question of the Day" by clicking the button (when it shows up). If you don't see the button under your signup information, there is another way to get to it. Click on "oodles" from the menu at the top. Then you will see a box that says "Start Winning Oodles." You'll see different ways to win oodles. The first one is for GSN Live, which is for questions from the shows on weekdays. The second one is for GSN Live challenge. And the next is for their free games. You do NOT get oodles for playing the games. You get oodles for correctly answering the trivia question posted at each game's page. And the last one is the Question Of The Day.

If you're not a Gather member, you might want to become one. One of my Gather friends posts a daily post where we help each other with the oodles questions from the GSN Live and Big Saturday Night. You can join Gather here (its free) Once you do that, join the GSN Fan group at where you will see daily posts on Monday through Friday with clues to the answers for GSN Live.

Ok. So the first one is fairly obvious. Answer the Daily Puzzler. There is no time limit so you can search the answer out. Personally, I use iRazoo as you earn more points toward gift cards. (if you'd like a referral link, please email me at

Next I do the GSN Live on Monday-Friday from noon-6pm. This is where I use the chats mentioned above for clues to the answers.

Then there is the GSN Live Challenge. If you click on the GSN Live link, you will see on the right hand side of the screen a place to enter your phone number, certify that you are at least 18 years of age. Once you've done that a link will pop up for a challenge question for 50 points. They *might* call you to play via phone LIVE and if so, you could win additional prizes.

In addition to the GSN Live and the Daily Puzzler question, they have daily questions at each game. To get to these, click on Oodles at the top of your page, then click on "more info." From there it gives you a full list of games available. You do not have to play the games! You just click on it and then you'll see at the top where it has the Oodles symbol and it says "play here." There is one trivia question per game, for 10 points each. They add up fast!

Now there is a new set of bonus questions on Saturdays from 8-11pm. After logging in, you'll see the section for "On Now" and "Up Next." Click on the shows that are one and each 1/2 hour there will be a 50 point question to answer.

If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to ask.

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