Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crazy Monkey Gold - site that pays

As there are so many people trying to make extra money online, I try to always post about sites that really do pay!

Crazy Monkey Gold is a PTC site that paid me within about 48 hours of requesting payment. I've spent very little time on the site. I login daily and click on a few paid-to-click ads. Those don't make much (usually $0.0001 per click), but they are clicks that aren't on other PTC sites that I am on. Many sites now have ptc's that can only be clicked once per day regardless of which site you click them from. So, this had something the others didn't offer. But I saw an email from the site owner that stated that their RewardsQuiz offers were crediting immediately and paid $0.50 each. So, I tried them and they did! Before I had even closed the window after completing the offer (which were very short quizzes), my money had credited. I cashed out for $1.98 after doing 3 quizzes, having earned $0.48 from PTC's. The friend that referred me was also paid fairly quickly after requesting her withdrawal.

Crazy Monkey Gold currently offers 3 forms of payment: Paypal for $1 minimum, Amazon gift card for a $5 minimum, and a check for a $20 minimum.

If interested, here is my referral link.

As always, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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