Friday, December 4, 2009

Internet Mystery Shopping Company that PAYS!

I'm always looking for ways to make money that don't take me away from my kids unless my husband can be home with them. And even then, I hate to not have any family time with everyone. A friend told me about a site that paid her. They send you a task list of 8 websites to visit. You are required to enter a valid email, address & phone number. You will want to set up a freebie email to use that is separate from your main email so that your email isn't clogged with spam afterward. I will be setting up a freebie one after each task list so that I know which emails were confirmations of my website visits, as these emails have to get forwarded back to the mystery shopping company.

Each task list that I've done (2 so far) has taken me roughly 1/2 hour to complete. Then, figure another 10 minutes for completing your invoice and forwarding the emails. So, say 45 minutes to a hour to be safe. They pay $15 per completed task list, less the paypal fee, so you net a little over $14 per task list.

The bad side...yes, there had to be a bad side... your phone is going to ring like crazy for the first couple of days. At first I was just using caller ID and not answering. But they just kept calling so I started answering and politely telling them that I was no longer interested.

I completed the tasks on Monday, 11/30 and Tuesday 12/2. I was paid for both today, 12/4. My friend who told me about the site said it was about a week before she was paid (and I believe the site does say within 7 days).

If you are interested, please go to If you would please enter my name in the "referred by" box, I would appreciate it as they do pay $5 for referrals once they complete a set of shops. My name is Renita Perrone. Also, please let me know you signed up by either leaving me a comment here, or emailing me at so that I can follow up with them.

I'm hoping I get more shops soon. As much as I hate the phone ringing like this, I need the money and I'll put up with phone calls if I could make $15 in an hour or less!

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