Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free to join, Free to advertise, and GET PAID!!

Have you heard about Zenzuu? Zenzuu is an amazing new site that is a social networking site similar to MySpace or Facebook. BUT, instead of the site owners keeping all the advertising revenues for themselves, they are going to pay 80% of it to their ACTIVE members! What does Active mean? It's simple...just sign up and then login to your account at least 30 times per calendar month. That's it. Want to make more? GREAT! Tell others about it and once you have at least 2 active people you've referred to the site, they'll pay you for their activity also - down to 9 levels deep (with a potential for a bonus match on the 10th level! It's a phenomenal compensation structure and I'm very excited about the potential for this company.

And, it's 100% FREE to join - will never cost you anything. Have a home based business? Terrific! As a member you can advertise it for free on the local, national or global directory. Take advantage of their VIP Travel Club for free as well! Tons of benefits with nothing to lose. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and a minute per login.

Go to and click on "sign up under me" and get started today!

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