Monday, October 26, 2009

Dollarclick paid again!

I joined DollarClickorSignUp on 9/13/09. I received my first payment on 10/10. On 10/19 I requested my second payment and received it on 10/25. The admin states that if you request payment on or before the 5th, you will receive in on the 10th, or request it on or before the 20th and you'll receive in on the 25th. Both times she's come through!

It's an easy site - doing PTC's (Paid-to-click links). There are also offers you can complete, as well as daily clicks. Some earnings are in cash value (paid through paypal) and other earnings are in "clickit coins" which are redeemable for a variety of prizes. I spend probably 5-10 minutes per day on the site. Hard to say exactly because I am always multi-tasking.

The other thing I LOVE about the site is that it pays 100% referral earnings. So every time a referral earns a penny, I earn a penny. That can easily help the earnings rack up faster!

This admin also owns another site that I have joined recently. I haven't reached payout level on it yet, but hoping to get there soon! It's run exactly the same way from what I can tell.

That one is called ClickorSignup and the link is here


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