Monday, October 12, 2009

PrizeLive - INSTANT payment!

I am totally loving this site! I'm averaging about 25-30 cents per day with spending very little time there. All I do is click on the Paid-to-Click offers, complete the 3-step offers, and then do the "click here" for more offers and then click on their "exclusive offers." I clear cookies on my computer before starting, which has helped to insure that I get credited for them. My last payout was on 9/22 for $5. Today's payout was for $5 as well. I do have 36 downline referrals, but I only see about 2-3 of them completing offers on a daily basis so that's not a huge amount of additional income from them.

Here's my last post about the site

And here's my link if you're interested in trying them out. They pay via paypal or they have alot of prize options you can choose from.

And, if you have Game Credits, be sure to use them. You can earn additional money by winning games. I've only played the "matchup" game but I've won $0.18 several times by playing that one.

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