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Ways to earn online - updated

Way to earn money online

There are many ways to make a little extra money online that don’t require an investment, or marketing, etc. Several people have asked me for a list of what I’ve found to be reliable earners. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but these are sites that I do regularly. I have been paid by all of them unless notated.These sites are all ones who send emails for you to click on. They are not the typical “PTC” (paid-to-click) sites that only pay ¼-1/2 cent per click. It does take some time to reach a cashout level, but for mere seconds per day, it’s worth it.

**NEW Site PAID** PrizeLive - - Wow! Impressed by this one. Paid within 24 hours. All I do is login daily, click on the "Daily Tasks" section and complete those, click on the additional "Exclusive PTC's" that there is a link to once you've finished parts 1-3 of the first section. Takes literally less than 5 minutes per day and I usually do these while multi-tasking. They've paid me 3 times so far and after the first one, each payment has been INSTANT. They have games you can play as well, once you earn enough points to play. I've only played the Match Up game but if you win, it's 18 cents added to your earnings.

Send Earnings - - sends a few emails a day to click on. Can also earn by shopping through the site, completing offers and surveys.

Inbox Dollars - - sends a few emails a day to click on. Can also earn by shopping through the site, completing offers and surveys.

Reward Port - need an email to send an invitation. I've been paid once and received it in a timely manner.

Hits4Pay -

SnapDollars - - not yet been paid.

Deals N Cash -

MyPoints - need an email to send an invitation

Quick Rewards - - click on daily email ads, login to answer trivia and do other activities to earn points redeemable for cash or prizes.

This is a partial list of survey sites that I do. These are surveys that either pay in cash (paypal or check) or points that are redeemable for prizes. I do not do surveys for sweepstakes entries.

Survey sites - SayNation. I have been paid by this site. It took quite a while to get there as I don't seem to qualify for many surveys, but I get 25 points just for trying. Once I reached cashout, it did take them quite a while to pay, but they still paid within the guidelines they say they pay. - no referral link - many surveys are for sweepstakes but they also have some paid ones and some that are "focus groups" that pay well - like $25-30 - no referral link. $1 per survey that you qualify for - paid automatically to paypal. - no referral link. Has been consistent payer for a long time - no referral link.

Zoom Panel - need an email to send an invitation - Mindfield Online - surveys for cash & sweepstakes

Global Test Market - they don't seem to have an active referral program at the moment -

Survey Head - no referral link - – not yet been paid - not too impressed with this one so far. Seems I rarely qualify and you have to reach $10 I think to cashout.

My Survey - need an email to send an invitation - surveys for points to redeem for cash. Also get occasional products to try and review

Opinion Outpost - need an email to send an invitation

Icebox Advisors - - no referral link that I can see. Not many surveys from this site, but you do get $1 each and they are fairly short & easy. However, you do have to get to $10 before cashing out, which I have not yet reached.

Survey Savvy - - I have been a member for a long time but didn't get many surveys. Then, silly me, I finally decided to update my information. Lo & behold I had $19.50 in my account. I cashed out and had the check within 2 weeks or less. VERY fast! Not sure if I just caught them at the right time or if that's normal.

Kids Opinions - - no referral - occasional surveys about kids interests. They do pay - via check.



Creations Rewards - -
login daily to get points with website visits and daily trivia. Earn more by shopping thru the site - paid again 9/13/09

Points & Prizes - need an email to send an invitation - enter "key" words for points redeemable for prizes. I can also help you with how to find the key words - received several prizes so far

You Data - - must have a cell phone that can accept a text message for signup. After that they don't text you. Login in daily to check for ads to click on - easy & quick site. Pays automatically to paypal every Friday.

MyLot - – a discussion forum, pays via paypal

TrekPay - – login daily to view websites. Some say you have to click on ads. I click on the website but not ads unless I really am interested. Otherwise it's cheating google adsense. I've still gotten credit for viewing the websites and I have been paid $5.71 for my first payout, which was received in a reasonable time frame.

Shoppers Hotline – – no referral link – click on the “contact us” link and ask if they need people for your area. They send you a scanner and you scan your purchases. They issue points that are redeemable for cash on a debit card.

Swagbucks - - this is a search engine. Earn “swagbucks” randomly for doing searches. Swagbucks are redeemable for a number of prizes. I use this as my home page and search for every site I go to. It’s an easy earning site.

Scour - - another search engine. **as of 9/1/09 it has discontinued it's reward program. However, it may resume later on. I will keep you posted.

iRazoo - please email me at for a referral - earn points for searches and redeem for a variety of prizes - I have been paid once. If you have multiple computers at home, be careful! They will ban you if they see you using irazoo from multiple IP addresses. I have been paid once and within a reasonable time frame.

Anywhere Home Page - - search engine for points for prizes

Game Show Network – – answer trivia questions, called “oodles” that earn points redeemable for prizes. I have separate blog post on how this works.

Gather - - a social network site that earns points when others view your posts/photos/videos. Some points are earned for when you view others stuff as well, but those are minimal. However, to encourage people to view your stuff, it helps if you view/comment on theirs. Points are redeemable for a number of prizes. Paid many times

Homescan – no referral link – – click “contact us” and see if they need people for your zip code. Scan in your purchases for points redeemable for a variety of prizes.

Redgage - - upload links, photos, blog posts for your own content at other sites. Each view earns you money. I have not yet been paid, but I know others who have been.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes - - every 3 hours you can answer 5 really quick polls for entries into a sweepstakes. However, occasionally you win cash as well. Payout level is $5, the first time and less after that. If one of your referrals wins, you win too! I've cashed out three times and was paid REALLY fast. It's fun and quick. They have also implemented a new "coin" system where you earn coins for doing the polls. The coins can be redeemed for prizes.

WinSpinWin - no referral link - - every day you get a free spin to win cash for the first 10 days (I think). Payout level is $20. You can view offers for additional spins if you choose. I cashed out the first time on 7/30/09 and received my Visa gift card on 9/17/09 for $20.20. However, I was then banned from the site because I didn't realize you couldn't view the same offers each day. Most sites disable links once you've used them. This one didn't. So, be careful!

Slots4Cash - no referral link - - every day you can view a few offers to get a credit to play slots for cash. I have not yet been paid on this one.

Sony Rewards - - I'm not sure yet how many ways you can earn points, but I do the daily trivia question for 10 points a day. Points are redeemable for many prizes and/or gift cards. I have not yet been paid for this site. You also get 10 points daily for answering the Wheel Of Fortune puzzle and the Jeopardy question. Also watch for polls on the home page that give 10 points.

Paid to view videos - - just signed up and it's a brand new site. View videos for points redeemable for cash. Site claims they can tell if you do not stay on the page for the entire 1 minute. I don't know if that's true, but consider yourself forewarned! I have a strong feeling this admin will not hesitate to remove those that break the rules!

Paid 2 You Tube - - get paid to view videos. I just joined so let's hope they pay! $0.01 per video and $0.10 per comment (but only on select videos and I haven't seen any yet). Minimum $10 for payout.

PeopleString - - just signed up recently so haven't been paid yet. Login in once before noon, once after noon. Click once per day on rebate ads, Mailbox cash box and peoplestring email for a total of 50 points per day. Earn additional income when you are willing to receive postal mail to login.

IMReport Card - - I was paid once, fast. Working on 2nd payout now. Earn points that turn into cash for reviewing products, services, biz opps, etc. Seems pretty easy so far.

Air1 - no referral link - - earn points for answering daily trivia and short surveys. Points are redeemable for prizes or entries into sweepstakes. This is a Christian radio station so I think all prizes I've seen are Christian items (CD's movies, etc)

I will do my best to keep it updated. If you have additional sites, please comment with a referral link as I would love to check them out as well!

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